Quantum Originals Portrait 8 Color Set

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This set includes 8 of our most popular flesh tone shades that are perfect for portraits.

  • Butt Skin - Listen, we are being polite with this name because we aren’t actually talking about your white pasty cheeks. Butt Skin actually refers to a different part that looks more like this medium flesh tone tattoo ink with green and pink undertones.
  • Heavy Flow - This muted red tattoo ink with brown undertones is like a Heavy Flow day without the mess.
  • Miss Piggy - Want to know the color of the part of Miss Piggy only Kermit gets to see? Check out this golden flesh tone tattoo ink.
  • Papa Don’t Peach - What is an 80’s pop queen’s favorite color? This pale peach tattoo ink with pink undertones called Papa Don’t Peach.
  • Silly Putty - If only getting a full sleeve was as easy as stretching your skin and pressing it against art like with Silly Putty. While this Silly Putty can’t do that, it is an amazing, rich golden flesh tone tattoo ink.
  • Skinny Dip - Like with an actual Skinny Dip, this pale peach flesh tone with golden undertones will have you feeling peach fuzz and goosebumps.
  • Skin Sensation - Some Skin Sensations include can include cold, heat, touch, and of course pain. In this case, Skin Sensation is dirty rose neutral pink tattoo ink with golden undertones.
  • Submissive - No need for a safe word with this Submissive. You can do whatever you want with this pale rose gold tattoo ink.

At Quantum Tattoo Ink, we pride ourselves on the quality of our inks. Our inks have always had the best quality ingredients. Not all brands out there are organic or vegan-friendly, but Quantum tattoo inks are! The ingredients used in making our tattoo inks are all organic, natural and sourced from the earth. With a very high natural pigment concentration, our inks will make your artwork last longer, safer for your clients, and really pop!

Our tattoo inks in a few words:

  • Vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free
  • Heal fast and contribute to preserving your client’s health
  • High quality ingredients
  • Non acrylicwater based pigment
  • None of our pigments EVER come from animals
  • Highest level of sterility
  • Organic natural pigments, sourced from the earth.
  • CTL approved and meets the high EU standards for tattoo colorants
  • Pop on any skin type and color