Hi, my name is Lisa. I've been a tattoo artist since 2011. I am based in Vienna (Austria) at the studio "Opus Magnum" as well as at the Tattoo studio "Neonjudas" in Berlin (Germany).

I grew up in a small village on the country side. With my early developed passion for creating things, I attended Graphic Design school from 2005 until 2010. After my successful graduation, I started working full-time in a Tattoo studio, where I got trained as an all-round artist working with coil machines. In this early stages of my career I had the chance to learn all about the different styles and techniques of the industry and gained a lot of experience.

After some years of professional practice, I started doing guest spots in different parts of Europe and took part in national and international conventions. After switching from coil to rotary machines my technical skills kept improving and I found my passion and strength in Black & gray realism.

If I had to describe my tattoo style, I wouldn't particularly call it Black & Gray, because I like to add some subtle colored shades in the background. I have always been drawn to the concepts of light and shadow, therefore I always aim to add as much depth and level graduation in my work as possible. This is why I love to use Quantum Colors, the high saturated pigments as well as their huge selection of shades fit perfectly for my work. I am already looking forward to being part of the Pro Artist Team.