Quantum Originals Blue 8 Color Set

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This set includes 8 of our most popular blue tattoo inks.

  • Bang Bang Blue - Make your next tattoo design really pop with Bang Bang Blue country blue tattoo ink.
  • Blue Man Goop - Blue Man Goop, an intense blue tattoo ink for those times you really want to look like you blue yourself.
  • Blue Me Away - Whether you are in Los Angeles or not, this Dodger blue tattoo ink may be the only time tattoo artists say “the Dodgers Blue Me Away.”
  • Blue Shaboo - While Blue Shaboo may not be addictive, tattoo artists definitely keep coming back for this popular pastel blue tattoo ink.
  • Booberry - Remind yourself of those Saturday mornings with cartoons or those midnight munchies where you were living your best life with Boobery. The deep royal blue tattoo ink, not the cereal.
  • Mystique - This royal blue tattoo ink may not let you actually shapeshift like Mystique, but you can have her unique blue skin tone with an awesome tattoo artist and this color.
  • Ur-Anus - Uranus may usually be a gaseous planet, but in this case, Ur-Anus is sky-blue tattoo ink made right here on Earth.
  • Valium - Take a chill pill! Better yet, choose Valium, a bright blue tattoo ink.

Quantum Tattoo Inks and Pigments are MADE IN THE USA

At Quantum Tattoo Ink, we pride ourselves on the quality of our inks. Our inks have always had the best quality ingredients. Not all brands out there are organic or vegan-friendly, but Quantum tattoo inks are! The ingredients used in making our tattoo inks are all organic, natural, and sourced from the earth. With a very high natural pigment concentration, our inks will make your artwork last longer, safer for your clients, and really pop!

Our tattoo inks in a few words:

  • Vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free
  • Heals fast and stays vibrant
  • High-quality ingredients. Ingredient List (this should be a link)
  • Non-acrylic, water-based pigment
  • None of our pigments EVER come from animals
  • Highest level of sterility
  • Organic tattoo ink made from natural pigments sourced from the earth.
  • Meets the high EU standards for tattoo colorants
  • Pop on any skin type and color