The Best Artist in Portugal using Quantum Tattoo Ink

How they started Tattooing

Known as @paulo_tattooartist13 on Instagram, tattoo artist Paulo Resende is from Lisbon, Portugal. At the age of 19, Paulo’s brother-in-law saw his drawings and encouraged him to become a tattoo artist. With his brother-in-law’s help, Paulo started tattooing in 2012. After three years of honing his craft, Paulo decided to give his journey as a tattoo artist 100% focus. He set goals and objectives to improve his skills and grow as an artist.

Tattoo Style best known for

Those years of steadfast learning and hard work paid off.  He gained outstanding skills in the art of realism tattoos, especially in photorealistic portraits. One of the most unforgettable moments in his life was winning his first portrait prize. This honor, at a difficult time in his career, gave him the encouragement and validation that he needed to take his career to the next level.  Another pivotal moment came when he won Best of Show for the first time at the Asturias Tattoo Expo in Spain.  Since these first two major victories, Paulo has gone on to win 1st place for either realism or portrait at every convention he has attended. These awards have positioned Paulo as one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in Portugal. Clients travel from all over Europe and the United States for the opportunity to be tattooed by Paulo.

Why Paulo Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

Paulo values his entire journey in the tattoo industry and looks forward to continuing to grow as an artist and push the boundaries of tattooing.  When we asked Paulo why he chose Quantum as a partner in his journey, he said “I decided to start tattooing with Quantum ink mainly because of the results I can get on a healed work, and also because of its incredible application and vibrant colors, it means I can work better with the grays I create and thus give a much more realistic appearance to the tattoos I create.” Paulo uses only Quantum EU REACH-Compliant Gold Label tattoo ink.