The Best Artist in the UK & Lithuania using Quantum Tattoo Ink

jurgis tattoo ink

How they started Tattooing

If you are familiar with his work, it may not come as much of a surprise that expert tattoo artist Jurgis Mikalauskas got his start in art painting portraits at the young age of 13.  Born in Lithuania, he migrated to the UK hoping to grow his career as a portrait painter.  This artistic skill led him to start working in the world of tattoos in 2012. 

jurgis tattoo ink

Today, Jurgis is one of the most outstanding tattoo artists in England and owns his own tattoo studio in Peterborough, England called Ink Island.  This ocean theme is not only reflected in the name of his studio, but also in his work, which often depicts marine life.  The theme can also be found in the Jurgis Mikalauskas Sailor’s Grave Artist Series tattoo ink collaboration with Quantum Tattoo Ink.

jurgis tattoo ink

Why Jurgis Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

While Mikalauskas frequently depicts sea life and other animal and nature themes in his work, he still also enjoys tattooing portraits.  He especially enjoys capturing the beauty and sensuality of the female form.  Because he specializes in color realism, what Jurgis loves most about Quantum Tattoo Inks is that “colors pop and last a lifetime.”