The Best Artist in Taiwan using Quantum Tattoo Ink

Tattoo Style best known for:

Catherine, or as he is known on Instagram @inkfairy_catherine_tattoo, is one of the most outstanding tattoo artists in Taipei, Taiwan. Though her home studio is Analog Studio in Taipei, Catherine can be found traveling to tattoo conventions and guest spots around the world, collaborating with other artists, and winning awards for her captivating color work. She describes her work as a blend of illustrative and neo-traditional styles that lean towards the realistic. In her own words, “I guarantee there are always a lot of colors!”

How they started Tattooing

Catherine's journey into the world of tattooing began during her middle school years when she chanced upon a television show featuring mesmerizing tattoo artistry. The notion of creating meaningful and visually stunning works on a living canvas captured her heart, and she began to dream of becoming a tattoo artist herself. While her dreams were vivid, Catherine understood that mastering the craft of tattooing required dedication, skill, and the guidance of an experienced mentor. The opportunity to take her first step into the world of tattooing presented itself unexpectedly, and she seized the chance with both hands.

Why Catherine Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

Because she knows the quality of the ink she chooses will affect how her work heals and ages, Catherine is very careful and thoughtful about the tattoo inks she chooses. When asked why she chooses Quantum, Catherine replied “I like how solid and bright the color of Quantum inks are. A very minimum amount of color fades after healing. The inks are very easy for me to tattoo into the skin and those are the main reasons why I choose Quantum Ink for my work.”