The Best Artist in Russia using Quantum Tattoo Ink

Tattoo Style best known for:

Road Crew artist Alina Gokk, or as she is known on Instagram, @addatattoo is a neotraditional tattoo artist from St. Petersburg, Russia.  She is also the proud owner of “Neotraditional Russia,” the largest tattoo community in Russia. 

Alina Gokk artist

How they started Tattooing

She first started tattooing in 2013. Her love for the neotraditional style was strong from the beginning and it remains her preferred style to this day!  Her work showcases the use of some of our richer more sumptuous colors especially with her floral and animal themes.  

Why Alina Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

We asked Alina why Quantum Tattoo Ink is her ink of choice.  “When I first encountered Quantum Tattoo Ink I loved it right away. The high-quality tattoo ink is perfect and the natural color palette of the color tattoo ink makes my art POP! I also do a lot of iconic hand-painted designs. Quality, a natural color palette, and iconic hand-painted designs are the most important characteristics of my art form and the pillars on which I base my work. Quantum Tattoo Ink delivers this, and then some!”