The Best Artist in Italy using Quantum Tattoo Ink

noa tattoo ink

How they started Tattooing

Noa Yannì is arguably one of the best tattoo artists in Italy.  Although she trained as a classical artist at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, her tattoo career actually began in high school.  She was just 19 and a tattoo artist friend offered to teach her the basics of tattooing.  She opened her first studio just one year later!  She now owns 3 Noa Ink tattoo studios in Pieve a Nievole and Lucca, Italy. 

noa tattoo ink
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Tattoo Style best known for:

Although she is known for her black and gray realism, Noa is self-taught in a variety of styles. About her journey, she says “My path has been completely self-taught, and in the continuous search for my personal style over time has increasingly come closer to the world of realism until becoming the strongest form of artistic expression for me.”  

noa tattoo ink

Why Noa Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

Her passion for black and gray realism combined with her desire for high-quality tattoo ink suited to that style led to the creation of two Artist Series lines in collaboration with Quantum Tattoo Ink.  Noa Yanni Dark Matter is strictly focused on colors perfect for black and gray work.  The Noa Yanni Golden Wisdom Series contains a limited color palette perfect for including pops of color into black and gray realism.