The Best Artist in Portugal using Quantum Tattoo Ink

Roberto Cardoso is a skilled Tattoo Artist hailing from Portugal. You may have seen his work on Instagram as @robertocardosotattoo. He is the proud owner of Robert Cardoso Tattoo Arts Studio in Albufeira, Portugal.  You can catch his outstanding work at tattoo conventions all around Europe. 

How they started Tattooing

Like many artists, Roberto started tattooing in an unconventional way.  He learned from DVDs he bought on eBay. In 2006, he opened his own studio in Albufeira and he credits the support of his friends in the tattoo community for helping him gain popularity in the industry. Although he had already made his mark on the tattoo industry by then, it was not until 10 years later that he actually took a course at Piranha Tattoo Studios in Viseu, Portugal.

Roberto's dedication to his craft soon led him to venture into the world of conventions. Five years ago, he made his first appearance at tattoo conventions across Europe, particularly in Spain, where he found a sense of belonging and appreciation. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of these conventions has led Roberto to make many friends and connections in the tattoo industry. 

Tattoo Style best known for:

Though Roberto has worked with a variety of tattoo styles, his most recognizable work is in black and gray created with gray wash tattoo ink. 

Why Roberto Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

He chooses Quantum for the outstanding selection of high-quality vegan black tattoo ink and gray wash.