Sangria - Gold Label

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Sangria is a dark, muted shade of red, it carries deep red tones with hints of brown making it a rich, somewhat earthy color,

Introducing Quantum Gold Label Tattoo Inks 'Sangria,' the tantalizing tattoo ink that's as intoxicating as its namesake drink. This isn't your typical fire-engine red; 'Sangria' is a complex concoction of deep, muted red tones with a splash of brown, crafting a rich, earthy hue that's both bold and understated.

Perfect for the artist who appreciates the finer things, 'Sangria' adds a touch of rustic elegance to any piece. Whether you're inking a vintage-inspired design, a rich landscape, or a dramatic portrait, this color pours a perfect blend of depth and sophistication into your art, ensuring that every line you draw is savored like a fine wine.

So, dip your needle into 'Sangria,' and let your creative juices flow! This sumptuous shade is guaranteed to leave your clients tipsy with delight, making each tattoo a toast-worthy masterpiece. Cheers to ink that elevates every design it touches—here's to 'Sangria,' your next ink obsession.

*Keep in mind that individual perceptions of color may vary based on factors such as screen calibration and lighting conditions.