Blue Monday - Gold Label

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We've got a shade as Rebellious as your creative spirit! Bleu Monday! ear tattoo virtuosos - dip into the cosmos of Bleu Monday and let your ink do the talking. Because why settle for a regular Monday when you can have a Bleu Monday Masterpiece.

Quantum Gold Label Tattoo Ink 'Blue Monday' isn't your typical Monday blues – it's a sultry dance between muted purples and rebellious blues. This shade is like the rebellious streak in a classic masterpiece, bringing depth and mystery to your canvas. Your clients will be wondering, "Is it blue? Is it purple? It's the Bleu Monday enigma!"

Tattoo artists, consider this your secret weapon for crafting pieces that speak volumes! Whether you're creating a celestial masterpiece or a cosmic sleeve, Bleu Monday adds that touch of enigmatic allure that keeps clients coming back for more. Elevate your art, one drop at a time.

Experience the science of tattooing with Quantum Gold Label's commitment to precision. Our Gold label formulations are crafted with passion and ensure the highest quality and performance and are, as always, EU Reach Complaint - Because We Like to Follow the Rules (Mostly). Our inks have consistent color saturation, allowing you to achieve the exact shade you envision with each tattoo. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to unparalleled precision!

*Quantum Gold Label - Where Art Meets Precision*