Noa Yanni


My name is Noa Yannì, and I grew up in the small town of Montecatini terme (Florence). I grew up in a family where art has always been at the center of everything. My mother is an artist, who works mainly as a sculptor in the field of contemporary art. Thanks to her, as a child, I approached this wonderful world of art, which is reflected in the tattoo.

I studied at the art institute of Lucca, then I continued my studies at the academy of fine arts of Florence, where I graduated in 2010. My path in the world of tattooing was born by chance, when I was 19, in 2005, when he was still in high school. A tattoo artist friend of mine offered to teach me the basics of tattooing and from there a year later I opened my first studio and started working, growing and learning day by day with so many sacrifices everything I know about this world.

My path has been completely self-taught, and in the continuous search for my personal style over time has increasingly come closer to the world of realism until becoming the strongest form of artistic expression for me. I like to continually grow in terms of culture and continuous research and artistic inspiration from any source.