Lining Black

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Quantum Lining Black is the perfect black lining tattoo ink that every artist needs. For a deep black that won’t fade to blue, we use a combination of carbon black pigment and jet black pigment.

At Quantum, we have done extensive testing and research to create the perfect Black Lining Tattoo Ink formula with a 70% pigment concentration. At that specific concentration, our formula is thin enough that it wipes away easily while keeping your stencil intact but also pigmented enough to give solid black lines in one stroke.

Quantum Tattoo Inks and Pigments are MADE IN THE USA

 Unleash your creativity with Quantum Tattoo Inks. While our names may be cheeky, we are serious about the quality and safety of our black lining tattoo ink. Designed for tattoo artists, our vibrant formulas deliver exceptional and long-lasting results. Join the ranks of top artists worldwide who trust Quantum Tattoo Inks for their artistry.

A few of the reasons why tattoo artists love our products: 

  • Vegan tattoo ink
  • Cruelty-free tattoo ink
  • Organic tattoo ink
  • Ink for tattoos without added acrylic
  • Kosher tattoo ink
  • Small batch tattoo ink made in the USA
  • Laboratory tested for safety