Splash Into Blue: A Dive Into the Symbolism and Artistry of Blue Tattoo Ink

Splash Into Blue: A Dive Into the Symbolism and Artistry of Blue Tattoo Ink

Sep 13th 2023

Today, there are more tattoo ink colors to choose from than ever before. While blue was one of the first shades of tattoo ink, the blues of history are just a small fraction of the blue tattoo ink colors available to tattoo artists today. The days of having to blend primary colors with white or black to achieve the perfect blue tattoo ink are also history.

While black and gray tattoos still hold their own unique beauty, tattoos incorporating a variety of vivid colors continue to gain in popularity. In addition to the subject and theme of a tattoo, adding color provides another layer of self-expression through symbolism and character. The abundance of blue tattoo ink colors makes it easy for contemporary tattoo artists to choose the perfect shade, whether they are illustrating sky or sea.

The History of Blue Tattoo Ink

Centuries ago, ancient Egyptian, Persian, and Maori tattoo artists used natural elements like plants and minerals to create their blue tattoo ink. Ingredients like lapis lazuli stones and indigo plants were used to create the first blue tattoo inks. Even many of the tattoo inks that were created to look black were actually a very dark blue or green. This led to the familiar fade-to-blue effect of older tattoo inks.

The Symbolism of Blue Tattoo Ink

According to a survey done across 10 countries, blue is the most common favorite color. Color psychology provides a glimpse into a few reasons why. Because the color is so well-liked, it is viewed as non-threatening, stable, and traditional. Tattoos done with blue tattoo ink provide the same sense of calmness and relaxation that makes blue a popular color for spas and other places of restoration. In countries throughout the world, blue is associated with truth, trustworthiness, and reliability.

All in all, blue is almost always associated with positive feelings and qualities representing calmness, predictability, and stability. Knowing this, it is no wonder that blue tattoo ink stands out as one of the most popular tattoo ink shades.

Common Blue Tattoo Ink Themes

The color blue immediately calls to mind two of the most beautiful aspects of our planet, the sky and the ocean. Throughout recent history, some of the most common tattoos have had nautical themes. Though nautical tattoos were traditionally done with black tattoo ink and limited colors, artists are giving the traditional a modern twist through the use of an expanding shade of hues, including blue tattoo ink. The most updated take on this theme includes beautiful full-color realism tattoos with underwater themes depicting sea life. These tattoos, incorporating a variety of blue tattoo ink shades, echo the calm and serenity that the color blue evokes. Though not quite as common to see as ocean tattoos, tattoos depicting or incorporating portions of the sky also dominate the blue landscape. While these tattoos may include other colors, such as orange and pink for a sunset or purple for a night sky, blue remains the quintessential color for this theme.

The Blue Color Palette

Despite all of the natural themes depicted using blue tattoo ink, the color blue is rare in the natural living world. The main reason for this stems from the fact that less than 10% of the plants on Earth contain any blue pigment. Though they achieve blueish hues, very few are true blue, and most also have red or green tones. Many animals get their color from the plants they eat. With so few blue plants, the few blue insects and animals we see rely on their structure to reflect light in a way that makes them appear blue. One example is the blue morpho butterfly. Its scaled wings reflect light in a way that makes them appear blue. However, if their wings were a different shape, these butterflies would not be blue.

However, there is more blue in the world than any other color. So it stands to reason, that the palette of blue tattoo ink colors reflects this fact. From the palest sky blue to the darkest midnight, and purplish periwinkle to turquoise, the range of blue shades is innumerable. Quantum Tattoo Inks include 11 different shades of blue tattoo ink, even more, if you include our aqua tattoo ink and Quantum Ichiban. A few of our favorite blue tattoo inks include:

Blue Me Away: Blue Me Away is first on our list because it is the quintessential blue tattoo ink. This blue is so versatile that it is the blue we chose to include in our Basic 8 Color Set. It blends well with other colors to create more complex hues. You can add a touch of white tattoo ink to lighten it up a bit.

Blue Man Goop: If you want an intense blue tattoo ink, we have you covered. Blue Man Goop is the solution. 

Blue Shaboo:Blue Shaboo is our lightest pastel blue tattoo ink. It creates a bright and gorgeous sky and works beautifully for the lighter elements of underwater tattoos.

Valium: When we think about blue being a color of calmness and relaxation, the first thing that comes to mind is Valium. This comforting bright blue tattoo ink is a versatile medium shade. 

Ao: If you are looking for a blue powder pigment for tattoos, Quantum Ichiban Ao is the fundamental blue color from which any other blue shade can be made with the right color blend.

These blue tattoo ink colors are just the beginning! We also offer a selection of our top blue tattoo ink colors as a Blue 8 Color Set. We have also created 6 sades of EU REACH Compliant Gold Label blue tattoo ink.

Keeping Blue Ink Tattoos Vibrant

Even the lightest blue tattoo ink can remain vibrant and long-lasting with proper care. Explaining to your clients how to prepare for and take care of a tattoo (or sharing the article with them) reduces the likelihood of complications and provides the best outcome for beautiful blue tattoos for years to come. Always recommend a high-quality aftercare product as part of both the immediate and long-term tattoo care routine.

Quantum Blue Tattoo Ink: The Sky Is the Limit

Quantum Tattoo Ink combines the rich history of blue tattoo ink with modern research, development, and safety standards. That is why we have created organic blue tattoo ink with ingredients sourced straight from the earth. Our environmentally friendly practices honor both the sea and sky so often depicted using blue tattoo ink. Though the official Quantum colors may be black and yellow, we strive to embody the trustworthiness and reliability that are so often associated with the color blue.