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Hit your next piece with a tidal wave of color with Tsunami, a bright teal tattoo ink.

Ready to dive into the deep, beautiful waters of creativity? Say hello to Tsunami – the ink that's making waves in the tattoo world!

Why go for ordinary when you can ride the ink-tastic tide of Tsunami? It's not your average aqua ink; it's a freaking masterpiece in a bottle.

With Tsunami, you'll be inking like Poseidon himself! This ink isn't just blue; it's the color of the ocean's secrets. You'll be leaving a trail of awe-struck clients in your wake.

Quantum Tattoo Inks and Pigments are MADE IN THE USA

Yes, our product names and descriptions are cheeky, but Quantum Tattoo Inks takes the business and safety of our high-quality tattoo inks seriously.  Our tattoo ink is developed with tattoo artists in mind and formulated for outstanding and vibrant healed results. That is why the best tattoo artists around the world trust Quantum Tattoo Inks. 

A few of the reasons why tattoo artists love our products: 

  • Vegan tattoo ink
  • Cruelty-free tattoo ink
  • Organic tattoo ink
  • Ink for tattoos without added acrylic
  • Kosher tattoo ink
  • Small batch tattoo ink made in the USA
  • Laboratory tested for safety