Dental Floss

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You better floss because one thing more painful than getting a tattoo is going to the dentist. However, we don't recommend flossing with Dental Floss because it is actually a muted aqua blue tattoo ink.

Want to take your tattoo game to a whole new level of fresh and fabulous? Well, get ready to be "seas"ationally impressed because we've got something just for you!

Introducing... drumroll, please....."Dental Floss" Aqua Tattoo Ink!

No, it's not for flossing your teeth (although we do recommend dental hygiene too)! This ink is like a tropical vacation for your skin, without the sunburn or sand in awkward places. 

Picture it: a tattoo that's as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot summer day. Dive into the depths of creativity with this aqua-tastic ink, and let your imagination sail away on a sea of awesomeness.

Quantum Tattoo Inks are MADE IN THE USA

Yes, our product names and descriptions are cheeky, but Quantum Tattoo Inks takes the business and safety of our high-quality tattoo inks seriously.  Our tattoo ink is developed with tattoo artists in mind and formulated for outstanding and vibrant healed results. That is why the best tattoo artists around the world trust Quantum Tattoo Inks. 

A few of the reasons why tattoo artists love our products: 

  • Vegan tattoo ink
  • Cruelty-free tattoo ink
  • Organic tattoo ink
  • Ink for tattoos without added acrylic
  • Kosher tattoo ink
  • Small batch tattoo ink made in the USA
  • Laboratory tested for safety