Bright 16 Color Set

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This set includes 16 of our most popular bright colors.

  • Naughty Redheads - Because sometimes being naughty can be nice, we love Naughty Redheads. It is a bright crimson red tattoo ink with red, orange, and blue undertones.
  • Kick a Ginger - It’s not nice to kick them while they’re down! Kick a Ginger is a bright red tattoo ink with orange undertones.
  • Opium Den - Relax and dream of the flowers that inspired Opium Den, a true poppy orange tattoo ink.
  • Agent Orange - This true bright orange tattoo ink is the complete opposite of Agent Orange in every way! It is vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free, and made with organic and natural pigments.
  • Golden Shower - Golden Shower is a bright golden yellow tattoo ink that may or may not be the favorite of a past president.
  • Yellow Snow - Just like with Yellow Snow, we don’t recommend eating this bright yellow tattoo ink.
  • Slurm - We know Slurm can be addictive, but maybe don’t drink this vivid yellow-green tattoo ink.
  • Urinal Lime - If your urinal looks like Urinal Lime, a bright true lime green tattoo ink with yellow undertones, you probably need to be drinking a lot less Slurm and a lot more water.
  • Tsunami - Hit your next piece with a tidal wave of color with Tsunami, a bright teal tattoo ink.
  • Picasso - You too can go through a blue period like Picasso with this deep aqua blue tattoo ink.
  • Valium - Take a chill pill! Better yet, choose Valium, a bright blue tattoo ink.
  • Purple Fiction - Purple Fiction is a bright true violet tattoo ink. Say purple again, I dare you, I double dare you.
  • Prince - If you are saying “Let’s Go Crazy” when it comes to your next tattoo, you will definitely want to check out Prince. It is a bright plum purple tattoo ink with magenta undertones.
  • Fruity Pebbles - When you say you are a fan of Fruity Pebbles, that could mean a few different things. We hope that it means that you are into this bright fuchsia pink tattoo ink.
  • Hello Kitty - Looking for something super cute for your next chibi tattoo? Hello Kitty, a true hot pink tattoo ink with red undertones is the perfect color. UwU
  • Rust In Peace - Reminiscent of a steampunk funeral, Rust In Peace is the tattoo artist’s choice for rust brown tattoo inks.

Quantum Tattoo Inks and Pigments are MADE IN THE USA

Yes, our product names and descriptions are cheeky, but Quantum Tattoo Inks takes the business and safety of our high-quality tattoo inks seriously.  Our tattoo ink is developed with tattoo artists in mind and formulated for outstanding and vibrant healed results. That is why the best tattoo artists around the world trust Quantum Tattoo Inks. 

A few of the reasons why tattoo artists love our products: 

  • Vegan tattoo ink
  • Cruelty-free tattoo ink
  • Organic tattoo ink
  • Ink for tattoos without added acrylic
  • Kosher tattoo ink
  • Small batch tattoo ink made in the USA
  • Laboratory tested for safety 

2 Reviews

  • 5
    Quantum original tattoo ink set 16 colors

    Posted by Adrian Martinez on Mar 5th 2023

    Quantum colors are always top quality and bright. My favorite inks hands down

  • 5
    Goes in like Butter

    Posted by Chilly on May 9th 2017

    Just got the bright color set which is the first Quantum product I've tried. Love the consistency and workability and the way it presents in the skin. Have only gotten to use the blues, pinks and purples so far but love them for highlights and watercolor, you name it. Very versatile pallet and wonderful to fill the gaps in color ranges not offered by other producers of this type of ink which tend to not have colors this bright. I will likely be getting all of their colors after I receive the "Heavy Heart" set I've already ordered.