​2022 Tattoo Trends to Inspire Your Next Piece

​2022 Tattoo Trends to Inspire Your Next Piece

Jan 24th 2022

2022 Tattoo Trends

Each year, Americans spend over $1.6 billion on tattooing. In fact, according to a recent study, the tattoo industry is the 6th largest growing industry in America, so that figure will only increase in 2022. Part of what causes that growth is the constant innovation and new methods that lead to evolving tattoo trends. Let's explore some of the emerging tattoo trends for 2022.

90's Nostalgia

The tattoo styles of the 1990s are back, and they are getting an update! Lower back tattoos, known in the 90s as "Tramp Stamps," are making a comeback. However, they are getting the modern treatment with more feminine finer lines and softer shading this time around. Along similar lines, keep an eye out for updated barbed wire and tribal tattoos. They are also coming back with thinner lines and gray wash shading instead of solid blackwork designs. Along with black tattoo ink, they will also include color ink and design elements from other tattoo styles.

The specific tattoo styles of that decade are not the only 90s inspiration that will hit the tattoo scene in 2022. Nostalgic cartoons like the Simpsons, toys like Furby, and even colorful designs inspired by Lisa Frank will be popular this year. So 90s kids, dust off your baby tees and flannels and get a piece to match.

Micro Realism

Combining the art of micro tattoos and elements of realism or photorealism, micro realism packs a ton of detail into a tiny space. Often the size of a credit card or dollar bill, this style combines gorgeous artwork with the ability to cover or hide your tattoo when desired. In 2022, artists will bring this trend to life in both black tattoo ink and vivid color. Additionally, they will add elements of surrealism or pop culture icons for an updated take on this trend.

Fine Line Tattoos

Fine line tattoos are made up of thin lines consisting of one solid color without any gradients. These tattoos can be any size. However, they are often associated with micro tattoos, and small fine line tattoos will continue to be a trend in 2002. Because these tattoos are sometimes done with a thinner liner needle and do not penetrate as deeply into the skin, they can be less painful and often heal more quickly than other tattoo styles. While they can be an excellent way for newcomers to get past their anxieties about getting their first tattoo, they may fade more quickly than other tattoo styles. Make sure to take care of your tattoo properly and use the best aftercare to extend the life and beauty of a fine line tattoo.

Sticker Tattoos

No, we are not talking about Inkbox or temporary tattoos. Sticker tattoos include shading and 3D effects that make them look like stickers. While they are regular permanent tattoos, they create an optical illusion that makes you feel like you can peel right off the skin. (Though we don't recommend trying that.) Their colorful design makes them a perfect way to remember your favorite animated character from TV, movies, or video games forever. This trend, combined with the 90's nostalgia trend, is the perfect way for 90's kids to re-live their childhood. Many tattoo artists opt to add a holographic look to sticker tattoos for added effect, making holographic tattoos another trend to look out for in 2022.

Metallic Tattoos

While there is no metallic tattoo ink on the market at this time, expert artists can create a metal-like texture with standard color tattoo inks. However, because only a few artists can pull this off, metallic tattoos are highly coveted, and their demand will only grow in 2022. Combining black and grey realism with pops of metallic color creates the contrast that makes these tattoos even more spectacular.

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