What Every Tattoo Artist Needs To Know About Counterfeit Tattoo Ink

What Every Tattoo Artist Needs To Know About Counterfeit Tattoo Ink

Aug 9th 2022


Just about every industry, from apparel and electronics to medication and even food, has had to deal with counterfeit products at some point. It is estimated that in 2022, there will be over $3 trillion in counterfeit and pirated goods on the market globally! The tattoo industry is no exception with counterfeit products including tattoo ink, needles, and other equipment on the market today.

So how do you stay safe and ensure that the products you are purchasing are authentic and safe? While that answer may vary from industry to industry and product to product, we can provide tips to show you how to ensure that the Quantum Tattoo Inks that you purchase are authentic and safe. We can also share what we are doing to stop counterfeiters in their tracks and what you can do to help.

Why Using Authentic Tattoo Ink Matters

Most of us have heard Oscar Wilde’s quote “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…” However, in the case of counterfeit tattoo inks, this form of “flattery” isn’t just costly, it can also be outright dangerous. At Quantum Tattoo Inks, we go through a painstaking process to develop tattoo inks that are high-quality, safe, and provide outstanding results. We use only the best organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and kosher ingredients to manufacture the ink in small batches. Then, we put our products through rigorous testing and approvals to ensure the highest level of safety. You can even find the Safety Data Sheet for every EU REACH Compliant color in a variety of languages.

All of these high-quality ingredients, testing, and the time it takes to develop and manufacture a superior product like ours are costly measures counterfeiters are unlikely to take. This puts the health and safety of anyone getting a tattoo with these products at risk. Without knowing what is in these inks, it is impossible to count all the potential problems that could arise; however, likely scenarios include infection, allergic reaction, or poor quality results, just to name a few. Furthermore, it also puts the artists who use counterfeit products in jeopardy of the client going after them if something goes wrong, either financially or by tarnishing their good name.

Counterfeiters don’t just use our name recognition to make money from selling inferior products that do not have these same ingredients and do not meet the same standards, they also hide behind the Quantum name. When something goes wrong, our name is on the bottle, so these unscrupulous sellers won’t have to suffer the consequences. It will all fall on the shoulders of Quantum and the artists who use the counterfeit inks.

How To Make Sure You Are Buying Authentic Quantum Tattoo Inks

Quantum Tattoo Inks

hile there can be a variety of similarities and differences between a counterfeit product and an authentic Quantum Tattoo Inks, these are the simplest ways to ensure that your tattoo ink is the real deal:

Always buy from an authorized source: Quantum Tattoo Inks are only sold through our websites, and, and through the authorized distributors listed on our websites. Any ink you purchase from other sources may not be authentic.

Check the label: 

Real Quantum Tattoo Inks will have a black label with the Quantum name in our signature yellow color and the name of the color in white text. We have two variations of labels. The label for our Quantum Original Tattoo Inks will include a larger silver logo at the top with a smaller pentagonal logo in white above the word Quantum. Our EU REACH Compliant Gold Label Tattoo Inks have the same configuration, but the large logo at the top of the label is gold (see the example). The words “Tattoo Ink” are not included with our logo. All of our information is clearly legible and crisp on the label with our lot numbers printed on the back.

The numbered information on the label shows our (1) warning, (2) ingredients, (3) the sterile mark and the cruelty-free mark, as well as a QR code leading to our website, (4) the Lot #, (5) the name of the color shown in white text, (6) the Best Before date, (7) the importer, and (8) “Mixture For Tattoos.”

 Gold Label Tattoo Inks

The counterfeit example shows yellow text printed directly onto a clear bottle. There is no black label present. Because of this, the imprint is of poor quality and hard to read. The pentagonal logo is in yellow instead of white and the words “Tattoo Ink” appear below Quantum, unlike the authentic bottles. Additional information is imprinted directly on the bottle and not in the same format as our label.

Listen for the clink: 

Our tattoo inks are thick and highly pigmented, just like tattoo artists love them! Therefore, we include two glass marbles in all of our bottles to aid in mixing the ink when you shake it. There should always be a “clink” when you shake Quantum Tattoo Inks.

Know where they are made: 

Quantum Tattoo Inks makes our products exclusively in the USA. If you see a product claiming to be Quantum that was made anywhere else, it is not authentic.

Keep this checklist handy: 

These are some of the most common identifiers of a legitimate Quantum Ink:

What Quantum Plans To Do About Counterfeit Products

The main avenue through which counterfeiters are advertising fake tattoo ink is through social media channels. Because Quantum Tattoo Ink is trademarked, we have been successful in getting social media platforms to shut down the accounts of counterfeiters quickly. It usually takes us less than 24 hours. We have already shut down multiple social media accounts of counterfeit operations and will continue to do so every time we find one.

We are also prepared to take whatever actions we can to get counterfeit Quantum products off the market. Quantum will work to ensure that counterfeiters are exposed to the proper authorities in their jurisdiction. Additionally, we will take legal action against the counterfeiters to recover any financial losses we incur.

What You Can Do To Help

Because of the quality and safety of authentic Quantum Tattoo Ink, we know we have a loyal customer base of talented tattoo artists with integrity. You aren't just some of the best tattoo artists in the world, you also likely trust Quantum because you have just as strong of a commitment to the safety of your tattoo clients as we do.

You are probably wondering, “Besides making sure I am buying authentic Quantum Tattoo Inks, is there anything I can do?” The answer is a resounding YES! If you see products on the market that claim to be Quantum Tattoo Inks that you are not quite sure about, look fake, or do not appear to meet our stringent standards, let us know by reaching out to with your concerns. Please include as much of the following information as possible:

  • A photo or screenshot of the product
  • A link to the product listing
  • The name of the seller, website, or social media accounts advertising it (Please include a link if possible.)
  • Any other information that you have about the suspected counterfeit

Any tattoo artist that alerts us to a counterfeiter that is not on our radar will receive a boxed set of Quantum Tattoo Inks as a thank you from us. Together we can combat counterfeit Quantum Tattoo Ink products.