Agua Girl

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Agua Girl is a deep, dark shade of blue that leans towards teal. This color is quite muted and shadowy, giving off a rich and somewhat subdued appearance.

Dive into the deep end with Quantum Tattoo Inks 'Agua Girl,' the tantalizing teal that's making waves in the tattoo world! Perfect for those artists who aren't just skimming the surface of creativity, this sultry shade of blue, with its dark and dreamy teal undertones, whispers secrets of the deep sea.

Forget the shallow pools of basic blues; 'Agua Girl' is for the bold artist ready to plunge into the mysterious and rich depths of color. Whether you’re etching the mariner's old tale or inking a siren's silhouette, this muted yet mesmerizing hue adds a layer of intrigue to every piece.

In a sea of tattoo inks, make sure your art stands out—go deep, go dark, go 'Agua Girl'. Just be warned: like the ocean, this color is captivating and might just pull you in. Are you ready to make a splash with your next piece? Let 'Agua Girl' be your muse and your message in a bottle to the world of ink.

*Keep in mind that individual perceptions of color may vary based on factors such as screen calibration and lighting conditions.