Color Descriptions

Quantum Tattoo Ink provides a vast array of colors, each with its own personality inunique shades and hues. Eachcolor willallow you to expressyour art like never before.


Tattoos have now become modern pieces of art, and new developments in tattoo ink production have provided us with the flexibility to create an almost infinite variety of colors. Gone are the days of mixing colors to achieve the exact color in your mind’s eye.With our wide assortment, you are sure to find a color to work on any skin tone or texture so that your designs truly represent your client’s request.


Best of all, each of our shades is safefor your clients and cruelty-free.Give your client the security of knowing that they can express themselves through your work safely when you use Quantum Tattoo Ink.

To keep all of our color descriptions at your fingertips, click on the link below to download a full list of color descriptions.

Download Color Description Document


Technological advancements have made red tattoos significantly safer than before for people who have allergies to red ink. These shades of red offer unique tones. These colors with a variety of awesome undertones allow you to be more creative and expressive without mixing.



Our variety of oranges allows you to change things up and not overuse specific reds and oranges. Like our red colors, these inks are safe on most skin.



Do you worry about yellow ink looking muddy on the skin? No problem! We makeyellow with a variety of undertones to allow you to achieve thetrueshades of yellow you require for yourartwork.



Our shades of green will give you colors that look stunningon anyone. In combination with white, our selection of greens can make ideal accents for any pattern.



Show off your precision as an artist with our line of aqua colors! These soft colors can bring lightness to your next creation.



Our popular blue tattoo inks don’t run and will look good on anyone. Our selection of shades of blue can give you the flexibility to take on more intricatepieces, especiallythose withwateror skythemes.



Our selection of purplesare perfect for anyone and any theme! Because of its intensity, purple ink gives the artform a unique, rich, and “Royal” feel.



From light to bright, pink is not just for girls. Our shades of pink can give depthto any theme.



Our browns are versatile for a variety of uses. Create softer lines or more unique shading than black or grays can offer when you use brown ink.


Flesh Tones:

Our flesh tones work equally well for portrait art or scar camouflage. Theycan be used on their own or with complementing colors for a wide range of art.


Muted Zombie:

This selection of colors can bring out the best inhorror or similar themes.



From providing stark contrast and giving pieces shade and dimensiontoproviding a hue to an entire artwork on its own, our grays have a variety of uses.


Black and White:

Our selection of black and white allow you to express yourself in a morecreative way.With blacks for lining, fill-in, and solid blackwork as well as versatile blacks, you can now create everything from tribal patternsand blackwork torealismand more!


Gray Washes:

Our gray wash allows you to create varying contrasts that add depth for more realistic patterns. This selection of colors provides excellent results without the mess of diluting black yourself!