sea shephered shark set tattoo ink

It is estimated that every year, humans kill 100 million sharks. By purchasing a Sea Sheperd Shark Tatto Ink or Set, you can help Sea Shepherd stop this slaughter! A portion of all proceeds for this set goes towards helping Sea Shepherd keep their fleet at sea and on patrol to stop poachers.

 The Shark set contains 4 different shark-themed grey colors and two reds representing the unnecessary bloodshed sharks throughout the world. The set includes the following 1 oz colors: 

  • Deep Megamouth - Deep Megamouth is named for the plankton feeding megamouth shark the same color as thisdark dirty gray tattoo ink with slight brown undertones. Who would have thought that a shark with such a huge mouth would feed on something so tiny?!?
  • Ink and Sharko - We protect sharks at all costs, just like Sharko protected his lovely mermaid. Named for him, Ink and Sharko is a light dirty grey tattoo ink with slight brown undertones.
  • Easy Tiger - Easy Tiger, not all tiger sharks have stripes. Some are plain just like this pale gray tattoo ink.
  • Hammer Time - It’s Hammer Time for facts about the shark that inspired this light silver gray tattoo ink with slight blue undertones. Because of their large fins, giant hammer sharks are especially vulnerable to poachers looking to exploit this species for a payday.
  • Shawshark Redemption - We have to remind ourselves that sharks aren’t meant to be caged. Inspired by a play on words from the movie and the blood of sharks caught and killed by incidental catch, Shawshark Redemption is a crimson red tattoo ink with blue undertones.
  • Gums the Shark - Gums the Shark and his toothlessgrin inspired this bright lipstick red tattoo ink.

 When you purchase any of the Sea Shepherd Tattoo Inks, you become part of the solution. A portion of all proceeds from Sea Shepherd inks goes toward their conservation efforts worldwide. Also, like all Quantum Tattoo Inks, inks in the Sea Shepherd series are vegan and cruelty-free. These inks contain no animal products, and none of the ingredients or finished products are ever tested on animals.

All Quantum vegan inks are CTL approved and therefore compliant with all EU quality standards, global health standards, and meet the requirements of the vegan community around the world.

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