Sea Shepherd Gray Wash Set

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This Gray wash set is unique in its formulation and includes 6 1oz bottles as follows:

  • Sea Shepherd Deep Black - Sea Shepherd Deep Black tattoo ink has 70% pigment in a combination of carbon black pigment and jet black pigment that won’t fade to blue! Because of its high concentration of pigment, it makes for a deep, intense black that is perfect for fill-in and solid blackwork.
  • Sea Shepherd Lining Black - Sea Shepherd Lining Black is a deep black that won’t fade to blue that is created using a combination of carbon black pigment and jet black pigment. It is the perfect Lining Black formula with a 70% pigment concentration. At that specific concentration, our formula is thin enough that it wipes away easily while keeping your stencil intact but also pigmented enough to give solid black lines in one stroke.
  • Sea Shepherd Gray Wash Dark- Sea Shepherd Dark Gray Wash has 100% black.
  • Sea Shepherd Gray Wash Medium - Sea Shepherd Medium Gray Wash has 75% black.
  • Sea Shepherd Gray Wash Light - Sea Shepherd Light Gray Wash has 50% black with just a hint of white.
  • Sea Shepherd Gray Wash Ultra Light - Sea Shepherd Ultra Light Gray Wash has 25% black with just a hint of white.

When you purchase any of the Sea Shepherd Tattoo Inks, you become part of the solution. A portion of all proceeds from Sea Shepherd inks goes toward their conservation efforts worldwide. Also, like all Quantum Tattoo Inks, inks in the Sea Shepherd series are vegan and cruelty-free. These inks contain no animal products, and none of the ingredients or finished products are ever tested on animals. All Quantum vegan inks are CTL approved and therefore compliant with all EU quality standards, global health standards, and meet the requirements of the vegan community around the world. 

Quantum Tattoo Inks and Pigments in the Sea Shepherd series are MADE IN THE USA

At Quantum Tattoo Ink, we pride ourselves on the quality of our inks. Our inks have always had the best quality ingredients. Not all brands out there are organic or vegan-friendly, but Quantum tattoo inks are! The ingredients used in making our tattoo inks are all organic, natural, and sourced from the earth. With a very high natural pigment concentration, our inks will make your artwork last longer, safer for your clients, and really pop!

Our tattoo inks in a few words:

  • Vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free
  • Heals fast and stays vibrant
  • High-quality ingredients. Ingredient List (this should be a link)
  • Non-acrylic, water-based pigment
  • None of our pigments EVER come from animals
  • Highest level of sterility
  • Organic tattoo ink made from natural pigments sourced from the earth.
  • CTL approved, and meets the high EU standards for tattoo colorants
  • Pop on any skin type and color