10 Stunning Famous Characters portrait Tattoos done with our tattoo inks!

10 Stunning Famous Characters portrait Tattoos done with our tattoo inks!

These days tattoos are everywhere. Walk through almost any town in the world to see tattooed models proudly being displayed in all kinds of products’ advertising: it ranges from clothes and cars to watches and sunglasses. Times when being tattooed was only for criminals and soldiers are gone!

In fact, more and more people understand that getting tattooed is about designing your own identity and simply reimagining your body just the way you want.

If you or your tattoo artist are confused about what to get tattooed or have too many ideas and cannot make up your mind, let these famous character portrait tattoos - done by Quantum Tattoo Ink’s sponsored artists - inspire you. Enjoy!

  1. Famous Character: Darth Maul
  2. Tattoo artist: Joey Boon

  3. Famous Character: Tupac
    Tattoo artist: E̟l̟e̟n̟ S̟o̟u̟l̟

  4. Famous Characters: Jason Momoa and Amber Heard in Aquaman
    Tattoo artist: Nakata BG

  5. Famous Character: Eminem
    Tattoo artist: LokeshVerma

  6. Famous Character: Brad Pitt
    Tattoo artist: LokeshVerma

  7. Famous Character: Jakie Chan
    Tattoo artist: Julia TESL

  8. Famous Character: Iron Man
    Tattoo artist: Majorink_jackson

  9. Famous Character: Harry Potter
    Tattoo artist: Majorink_jackson

  10. Famous Character: Metallica singer James Hetfield
    Tattoo artist: RīNAT

  11. Famous Character: Deadpool
    Tattoo artist: NoaYanni