Billing Terms and Conditions

  • The price charged for your order is the price posted on the website when you place your order, and we will send the price in the confirmation email. 
  • We may change the prices published on the website without notice.  
  • The prices posted on our website don't include taxes or shipping and handling costs. Taxes, shipping, and handling costs are added to the cost of your order. 
  • Before we accept your order, we must first receive payment. You are obliged to make sure that:
    • (a) the credit card information you give us is true, complete, and accurate; 
    • (b) that you are qualified or authorized to use a credit card or credit card account for a purchase;
    • (c) that your credit card company, or your payment service provider, will honor the charges you incur; 
    • (d) you will pay all the charges incurred during the purchase, including applicable taxes, shipping, and handling charges. 
  • Depending on where your order will be shipped, we will collect the applicable sales taxes. However, if you are a reseller, you need to provide a valid, current resale certificate, so we will not add the relevant state taxes.